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Business borrowing without BKR testing

Discover the possibilities to borrow for business without registration. Loans from 1,000 US dollars to 1,000,000 US dollars.

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a minimum of € 5,000 and a maximum of € 100,000,000.
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Do you have a negative BKR registration and can you therefore not easily get a loan for your company? Then you can still go to financing parties that are not affiliated with the BKR, or the credit registration office. These parties do not have the option to view your BKR registration and therefore you can also borrow money without a negative BKR test.

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Note: you will only find providers of business loans on this website. Providers of 'ordinary' or private loans are not listed here. We therefore request that you do not submit an application via if you are looking for a private loan. Only entrepreneurs are eligible for a loan on

Where can you borrow without BKR testing?

If you want to take out a business loan without BKR testing, it is important to know where you can go. Via you can easily discover which parties you can go to for borrowing money without BKR testing. We have developed a simple comparison tool with which you can easily and quickly see with which parties you can take out a business loan without a BKR assessment. Use the handy filter options, enter that you would like to take out a loan without BKR testing and the various options will appear on the screen where you can choose from.

Borrowing money without BKR testing

Before you want to take out a business loan with a negative BKR test, it is good to think about whether it is wise to borrow money; After all, it is not for nothing that you have a BKR registration. After all, you always run the risk that you will not be able to repay the borrowed money and that your debts will therefore increase. If you are unable to repay your loan, your private assets and belongings are often called upon. Have you received a loan without BKR testing? And it turns out that you are unable to meet your repayment obligations? Please take into account that this can have very unpleasant consequences, such as the forced sale of movable and immovable property. So always think carefully before you sign a loan agreement for your company.

You will be registered with the BKR in the following cases:

  • You can be in the red
  • You have a credit card
  • You have a revolving credit or a personal loan
  • You are using a deferred payment
  • You are using a private lease arrangement

If you pay on time, you will have a positive registration. Are you not meeting your payment obligation? Then this will be adjusted to a negative registration. This happens when you have payment arrears for at least two months.

BKR codes

If you are in arrears, there are various codes you can get. The A code stands for late notification. You will receive this if you are several months behind in payment. You will not be informed of this by the BKR. You will always receive a payment reminder and a reminder. In this way you always have time to recover your payment arrears. If you do not do this within the specified period, the company to which you still have to pay may pass on your details to the BKR. A distinction is made between different numerical codes:

Code 1: you have made a payment arrangement

Code 2: the amount is due and payable. This means that the lender expects you to repay the entire amount in one go. A collection agency is often called in for this.

Code 3: This can have two meanings:
- Debit: the lender decides not to do anything with your file for the time being. You will be notified within five years. There is no end date.
- Remission: this does have an end date. An agreement is made that you pay a certain amount and the rest is waived.

Code 4: you are or have been unreachable for a longer period of time

Code 5: this is a temporary code that only applies to a payment arrangement for your mortgage

In addition to various A codes, it may also be the case that you are assigned an H code. The H code stands for the recovery message . You will receive this as there is no more payment arrears. Simply put, this means that you no longer have any debts.

Please note that both reports will always remain visible for five years. Financing parties with BKR testing can therefore always view this.

What do you want to do with the money?

Have you carefully considered whether it is wise to take out a loan without BKR registration? Then it is time to look for the best financing party for you. However, before you do this, we recommend that you have a good overview of exactly how much money you want to borrow. You will only be able to know this if you have an overview of what exactly you want to do with the money. Would you like to open a new building, do you want to renovate or do you want to innovate with your company? Set this up for yourself to create clarity. In addition, we always recommend that you request quotes from the companies you need to turn to to achieve your goals. Suppose you would like to rent a new building, it is important to know what the rental costs are, for how much US dollar you want to renovate the building, how much furniture and supplies you want in the building, et cetera.

How much money do you want to borrow?

As soon as you have requested quotes, it is important that you determine for yourself exactly how much money you want to borrow. How much money do you need to achieve your goals? Be smart and don't borrow too much money, because of course you always have to repay the money. If necessary, hire an adviser and he or she will give you well-considered advice on borrowing money. When you have insight into how much money you want to borrow, it is easier to find a suitable financing party. In addition, it is always good to think about what term and duration you want for your business loan. In addition to being able to indicate in our comparison tool that you are looking for a loan without BKR assessment, you can also enter the loan amount and the term and duration. This way you can immediately see which parties are best for you.

What do you have to pay attention to?

Would you also like to take out a business loan without BKR registration? We have a number of tips for you to make finding a suitable loan a lot easier:

  1. So you want to take out a business loan without BKR registration. Please note that you cannot go to every party. Would you like to have insight into which parties you can turn to? Then we recommend that you use our handy filter option. So indicate that you are specifically looking for a financing party that you can turn to without BKR.
  2. There are various reasons for borrowing money. Prepare a plan in advance so that you have insight into how much money you need to achieve your goal. You can always show this plan to a financing party
  3. Always read the fine print. When you see a low interest rate, this does not necessarily mean that this party is the most suitable party for you. Always pay close attention to the conditions of a provider. For example, a provider may indicate that you can borrow at a very low interest rate, but this can always be a temporary offer that you may only be able to take advantage of for a short while.
  4. What time do you need to recoup the money? Make an estimate and possibly start a conversation with an advisor. This gives you a better idea of ​​the term of the loan. Always make good agreements with the financing party, especially if you have a negative BKR registration. It always remains a risk, so always be realistic and check for yourself whether you want to take this risk.
  5. Failure to keep an appointment results in a fine. For example, do you want to repay your amount early? Then it is nice that as few costs as possible are charged for this. So always pay close attention to a possible penalty clause .

Which provider is right for you?

By using the handy search option via our website you can easily and quickly find the providers where you can go to take out a business loan without BKR testing. Indicate what approximate amount you want to pay for a loan and what the duration is. Enter the lead time and indicate that you want to borrow without BKR. After this it is time to click on the search bar. The various providers appear on the screen that correspond to your wishes. Please note that the party with the lowest interest is not always the best for you. That is why we always recommend that you read the conditions carefully before entering into a contract.

Concluding a contract

Have you found a financing party that suits you? Via our website you will be redirected to the website of the provider. You can therefore take out the loan directly and not via our website. We are therefore not an intermediary, only a party that puts the different providers side by side.

Always check your data carefully before entering into a contract. Better once too much than once too little. Is your company name correct? Is the correct loan amount on paper? And has the correct term been communicated? They are all important points that you should pay attention to. After all, you are tied to a loan for a longer period of time, so it is important that everything is properly arranged.

Have you checked everything? Then it differs per party how quickly you receive a response. One party strives to process your application within 24 hours, while it may take longer for another. Always keep in mind that receiving the money can always be delayed for certain reasons. So always be on time when applying for a loan. Are you not quite sure or do you still have certain questions about taking out a business loan without BKR testing? Then contact the financing party and the specialists will help you further, so that you know exactly what to expect.


Now you may be wondering what our job is exactly. Simply put: we put the different parties side by side, so that you can easily and quickly understand which different parties best meet your requirements and wishes. We are an independent party and only list the facts for you. Always keep in mind that it is good to know that interest rates and conditions can change. That is why we keep a close eye on these changes. So always check what the current conditions are and the percentages on the website of the financing party.


If you want to take out a business loan without BKR testing, it is always important to check in advance whether you want to run the risk of taking out a loan. After all, it is not for nothing that you have a negative BKR registration and, if you do not fulfill your payment agreements, this can have unpleasant consequences. So always think about it carefully. It can always be difficult to find a party that actually meets your requirements and wishes. For this reason, we recommend that you use our search function. We always try to put the information on paper as clearly as possible, so that you can immediately see broadly what to expect from a financing party. Always read the conditions of a provider carefully, this way you will avoid unexpected surprises. For example, it can always happen that you think you have a fixed low interest rate, but it actually concerns a temporary low interest rate. So always pay attention to this. Always read all information carefully via the website of the provider. That way you know exactly what to expect. So always remember well in advance that you always check every point carefully, because taking out a loan without BKR testing is something that you are committed to for a longer period of time. If necessary, call in a consultant and view the various options together.


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