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Floryn (formerly InvoiceFinance)

At Floryn you can apply for a business credit of up to 3,000,000 US dollars. You can also turn to Floryn for $ 10,000 financing. The provider is characterized by the fast turnaround time of the financing. Applications are usually processed the same day and paid within a few working days. In the past, Floryn was called InvoiceFinance . Floryn's product has changed in such a way (previously it was mainly a factoring product) that a new name was also chosen with Floryn.

The costs of a credit with Floryn differ. The level of the interest depends on the risk profile. Floryn has an annual base rate and a variable rate. This has to do with financial flows from the company, age of the company and assets of the company. The lower the risk, the lower the monthly cost of the loan will be.

Cost of a credit with Floryn

Credit limit Interest Duration
$ 10,000 from 3.6% pj maximum 5 years
$ 3,000,000 from 3.6% pj maximum 5 years

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  • Your cash flow improves significantly when you have immediate access to 85% of money that would otherwise be tied up in outstanding invoices.

  • You get a good insight into your debtor portfolio by using the online platform.

  • Registration is free and takes little time.

  • Flexible: You can submit 1 invoice or all of them. You can borrow money when you need it, otherwise you will not borrow anything. And you can cancel the contract every day.

  • You can use your existing bank account for a business credit with InvoiceFinance. No separate bank account is required.


  • If your customer pays late, the costs for financing the invoice will be passed on to you over the remaining amount (1% per 30 days), so that it is less.

  • The responsibility for reminding your customer if necessary remains with you.

  • The costs are relatively higher for companies with lower turnover.

  • Mandatory income of approximately US $ 5,000 per month for business credit.

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Method and conditions

Unlike other lenders, InvoiceFinance does not perform a credit check on your company. Registration is free and completely online. To register, you will be asked for a number of financial details of your company: recent figures, bank statements for the last three months and an overview of outstanding debtors and creditors. You will be assessed on the basis of the data provided, usually within 24 hours.


If your registration with InvoiceFinance has been approved, you will receive access and an explanation about the online platform. You can then choose to upload 1 or all of your invoices, and you will immediately see the costs. After processing the invoice, your customer will automatically be asked for confirmation. Once the confirmation has been received, InvoiceFinance will pay you 85% of the invoice amount, minus the costs. The customer can pay in your company name to a special account. After payment of the invoice by the customer, you will receive the remaining amount.

InvoiceFinance sends the invoice on behalf of your company and is only responsible for financing your debtor portfolio. This means that you are responsible for whether the invoices are paid on time. If a customer pays too late, InvoiceFinance will charge the invoicing costs (based on 1% of the invoice amount) over the outstanding remaining amount, which decreases as a result. So make sure your customers pay on time.

Flexible credit

If you choose to request a flexible business credit from InvoiceFinance, your application will be processed within 24 hours. You will receive the credit into your account within a day. How much money you qualify for depends on the outstanding debtors.

For a business credit of up to US $ 50,000, it is mandatory to send the bank statements for the past six months. InvoiceFinance also wants to see an example sales invoice. For higher credits, you will be asked for your recent annual figures and an up-to-date debtor-creditor list.

Conditions factoring

  • Only available for business-to-business freelancers or SMBs with sales starting at $ 100,000. Delivery to consumers or exports, or goods or services not yet delivered, are not eligible for funding.
  • You have recent financial figures prepared by an accountant or an accounting package.
  • You have already satisfactorily delivered products or services to the debtor (s) in question.
  • InvoiceFinance requires a first right of pledge on your receivables.
  • you need working capital tied up in invoices for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Business Credit Terms

  • Your company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce
  • You have a business account with a turnover of approximately 5,000 US dollars per month
  • You have outstanding sales invoices.

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