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Qeld Business Loans

At Qeld Business Loans, small and medium-sized businesses are eligible for a loan from 1,000 US dollars up to a maximum amount of 50,000 US dollars. Qeld is part of the Swedish Qred Företagslån AB and is supervised by the Swedish financial regulator. The company has a branch in Amsterdam. It takes one minute to complete an application with Qeld, after which you will receive a tailor-made offer by e-mail within an hour. In many cases, the loan is transferred the same day. The loan costs you a fixed price per month. If the loan is repaid earlier, less has to be repaid.

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Costs of a loan from Qeld Bedrijfsleningen

Credit limit Interest Duration
$ 1,000 4.00% - 15.00% per year maximum 12 months
$ 50,000 4.00% - 15.00% per year maximum 12 months

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  • You can borrow money from 1000 US dollars.

  • No start-up costs or other hidden costs.

  • Credit decision within one hour.

  • In many cases you will have the money at your disposal the same day.

  • The sooner you pay off, the less interest will be paid.

  • You can choose between 3 terms in which you must repay; 6, 12 or 18 months.

  • Apply online easily, quickly and easily.


  • Higher interest rates than New10 or Funding Circle.

  • The entire loan must be repaid within 18 months.

  • The company is located in the Netherlands, but has its origins in Sweden.

  • Sending the invoice by post costs € 3.

  • No interest is charged, but a fixed monthly cost price.

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Method and conditions

Qeld's method and conditions
Making an application with Qeld Bedrijfsleningen is very simple. After you have entered your name, e-mail address and Chamber of Commerce number, you will receive an offer by e-mail within an hour. You will be asked for an iDIN signature (digital iDeal signature).

Qeld will then take the information from your company and assess whether you are eligible for a loan from Qeld. It does not impose strict conditions.

The application process often takes no longer than one hour during office hours. There is a considerable chance that Qeld will transfer the loan to you the same day.


Qeld Bedrijfsleningen does not apply strict conditions. According to Qeld, payment arrears should not be an obstacle.

  • You must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and you must be established in the Netherlands.
  • You have a good business concept.

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