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Applying for a loan for SMEs is very simple. You can do this online. After googling you will find various lenders who can provide you with an SME loan. Some lenders where you can take out a SME loan online:, Bridgefund, Qeld, Qredits SME credit, Funding Circle, Spotcap, and Swishfund. You can therefore apply for a SME business loan online with one of these lenders.

Applying for a SME business loan online

You can apply for a loan for SMEs online on the website of the SME loan provider. You usually first have to fill in the amount you want to borrow. Then you have to answer a number of questions. Typically the following questions are asked: How long has your company been operating? What is the purpose of the loan? What was your turnover in the past year. Do you not meet the conditions? For example, your company has too little turnover? Then you will immediately see that you are not eligible for the SME business loan. Do you meet all the conditions? Then you can apply for a credit online with that lender. You will usually be notified within a few days whether your application for a loan for SMEs has been approved.

Applying for an SME loan from the banks

Banks also provide SMEs with a business loan. However, banks are facing increasing competition from the online providers of SME loans. Entrepreneurs often receive a message within 24 hours whether their application for an SME loan has been approved. Applying for SME loans is increasingly being done online. The banks' response is to set up platforms to provide digital loans to SMEs. The three major banks each have their own platform. ABN AMRO was the first bank to introduce a digital place where SMEs can take out an SME loan. This is possible via the New10 platform. The platform of the Across Lender is Funding Options. The platform of Infra Bank, the bank that was the last major bank to introduce a digital place for SME loan applications in 2019, is Fundr. Thanks to the digital offering of credit, applying for an SME loan from one of these banks has become a lot easier.

SME loan interest

Of course you want to know how much interest you have to pay for your SME loan. However, that question cannot be answered directly. The SME loan interest differs per provider. The amount borrowed can also influence the interest that you must pay for your SME loan. To answer the question, you must therefore compare the SME loan interest of the different providers. Figures from the CBS from 2017 and 2018 give an indication of the amount to be paid by SMEs. According to their figures, SMEs pay an average of 3% for their business loan at a fixed interest rate and an average of 3.5% at variable interest.

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